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Chemistry Carnival Generates SLC Buzz

November 2, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

  Allison McKenzie Photo -- Students Isobel Castillo (left) and Farah Latef (right) help out during the Chemistry Fair Oct. 24.

By Allison McKenzie

On Oct. 24, parents and children had the opportunity to become chemists at the Chemistry Carnival, which was held in the Student Life Center.
For five years, the Chemistry Department has been hosting the carnival in the hope of bringing excitement to the community with original experiments.
This year, families were eager to participate in everything from the entertaining “Magic Bubbles” experiment to “The Easy Way to Blow up a Balloon” demonstration.
The most popular experiment proved to be the “Magic Bubbles.” As smoke erupted from a small black cauldron, a tube connected to the cauldron produced bubbles.
The bubbles would appear white at first, and then simply vanish into smoke within seconds.
“The Dancing Raisins and Dancing Spaghetti” were also popular with the observers.
As the raisins and spaghetti danced, the Oltarzewski family looked on ready and waiting to try their hand at making the raisins dance.
For Monica Oltarzewski, it was her third time attending the carnival, but for others in her family it was their first time. “We love the hands-on exper-iments,” she said.
On the other side of the room, Isobel Castillo, a nursing major from Eatontown, was generat-ing light with salt water.
First she demonstrated what a cup, mixed with water and sugar would do to a lightbulb.
Nothing happened, but when she changed the solution to water and salt, light appeared.
In addition to the families and people it brought together, the carnival also gathered high school students from Freehold and Ocean High School as well as Brookdale faculty and students.
Farah Latef, a biology major from Holmdel, said, “The carnival allows us to create simple experiments that show through the teaching what we have learned.”
The carnival also was an opportunity to provide food for the Salvation Army. To do so, guests were asked to donate a can food.
As the room began to fill with families’ intent on participating in the Chemistry Carnival, the boxes began to fill with canned foods.

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