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Get The Most Out Of BCC Experience

September 1, 2010 by admin

Get The Most Out Of BCC Experience

Greetings fellow students, My name is Alec Moran, and I am the president of the Student Life Board, Brookdale’s own student government, programming board and finance committee.
   I would like to welcome you to the fall 2010 semester as it looks to be an exciting one! I’ve been asking every student this year to redefine what it means to be a student at Brookdale.
   As we all know, Brookdale is New Jersey’s No.1 associate degree college, but  don’t accept this as the extent of what Brookdale is. Instead, seek out what the college can be and do for you on all levels.There’s more than 50 clubs, athletics and other activities available for students, so I ask you to take advantage of the many opportunities available here.
   I say this because in my two years here at Brookdale, I’ve learned that a GPA isn’t everything; it’s also the extracurricular activities that make all the difference in  both personal development and the time you spend at Brookdale. We should strive for A’s in all of our classes, but it is just as important to get involved and discover who you are!
   The Student Life Board is here to help engage students and create as much of a college atmosphere as possible and also support students in any way possible. Attending our weekly events will not only be fun but will make you want to stay on campus longer!
   Our office is in the Student Life Center in room 110 right down the hall from the I.D. room. We welcome all students to come to our meetings, which are every Monday from noon to 1p.m., to  voice their concerns or learn how to get involved     
   Being involved  will allow you to have the full college experience that many feel you don’t get when you attend a community college.
   If you’re ready to both challenge yourself and take control of your college career, I guarantee you will leave here with many memories. Join a club, come to an event, and be heard!

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