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Jackass 3D Packs Gross Laughs

November 2, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

JACKASS 3D Motion Picture

By Mary Brienza

“Jackass 3D” stars Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, and the rest of the Jackass crew. The movie features similar,but much more elaborate and harmful skits, just like the show.
The movie is a collection of skits involving mostly bodily harm, bodily fluids and messing with innocent, unsuspecting bystanders.
Some of the skits were very gross and involved either ingestion or being covered with various bodily fluids, all in 3D.
The movie had some amusing skits, but a few had elements that had me cover my eyes to prevent me from getting sick in the middle of the theater.
I laughed a lot during the movie, watching the many skits that involved getting hit and getting chased around by various things.
A few skits involved tricking random people on the street, including some where Johnny Knoxville dressed up as an old man.
There was some bits of male nudity.
One scene involved a port a potty filled with waste shot in the air with Steve-O inside.
The skits I enjoyed involved mechanics and things flying in the air, as well as messing with bystanders.
I also enjoyed the ones where cast members were hit with various objects, including a gigantic hand.
There was also an interesting use of super glue on various cast members.
The movie is for those who enjoy slapstick and gross-out humor.
I did not like the gross-out humor, but there were only a few skits that involved gross-out humor to the point where I covered my eyes.
There were cameos by a few celebrities, including Seann William Scott.
The movie was pretty funny with a hilarious introduction by Beavis and Butthead.
The movie is not for young viewers or those who do not like slapstick humor. Also a strong stomach is also required. ***

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