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The Static Page!

November 2, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

By Brian Harris

They first start creeping in around Labor Day.
Just as the bennies leave, they begin to assault your senses with lies, slander and more mudslinging than a Friday night mudwrestling match at a college bar.
I’m obviously talking about the campaign ads that you’re forced to view anywhere between one and five million times a day.
From races for Senate seats to races for Governor in surrounding states, ads from both the Democrats and the Republicans take the most minute mistake that their opponent has ever made and blow it up into something that is worse than both the Vietnam War and Godfather III combined.
As the years progressed, these “attack ads” have grown exponentially.
Most of the ads out there today don’t even bother with going after the opponent’s misguided political ideology; they go for a sheer attack on the person.
For example, although she may be an idiot, after an old video surfaced where Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell admitted to having dabbled in witchcraft in the past.
She recently released an ad where she actually had to say “I’m not a witch.”
By no stretch of the imagination, does her past foray into the occult have any f**king worth in something that’s premise is based on politics.
Two other great and current examples of this are the Senate race in Connecticut between Dick Blumenthal and Linda McMahon to others like the race for governor of New York between Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino.
These two races have slipped from how each politician’s policies will help or harm their constituents to mistakes they’ve made to outright attacks on their character.
The commercial ads for these campaigns are just one step up from playground insults, such as “Andrew Cuomo picks his nose and eats it” or “Linda McMahon kicks puppies on the weekends while wearing Doc Martens.’’
Also, why do you have to say at the end of every ad, “I’m so and so and I approve this message.”
Even Stevie Wonder wearing a gimp mask can figure out that you approve this message.
It’s attacking your opponent, so why wouldn’t you want to?
What it all comes down to is any person who is worth their salt as a person should be able to realize that these ads are nothing more that childish bull-s**t propaganda that only the dumbest of the dumb would assign any worth.
The only real way that you find out the important information on each of the candidates, is by going out and doing the research.
You won’t find out a candidate’s stance through insults and other forms of stupid crap.
Now, when I think about it, all we are unfortunately doing is voting for the politician who least makes us sick and that’s the real problem.
Maybe once we finally ignore the insults and the failed two-party system, maybe, just maybe, there can be some real change.
Oh, wait a sec, I almost forgot…..I’m Brian Harris and I approve this message.

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